75 million users that doesn’t Twitter

31 januari, 2010


Yes I have a login for Twitter. I registered, tried it, didn’t find it very stimulating. Not much fun reading, and mostly frustrating to write. I simply never got hooked on Twitter, or the other examples of “micro blogging”, but I always put that down to me being a very sophisticated and selective consumer of communication. Turns out I’m more the absolut prototype for the regular Twitter account registree.

Twitter’s been dragging in new registrations in huge numbers over the last years, but the truth is the vast majority of those people never use it. It so happens that only about 17% of people ever send a single tweet in a given month. And 40% have never ever sent a Tweet!! Twenty-five percent have no followers.And on top of that, fewer and fewer new users are joining.

Still, 17% of 75 million are still very very many people that at least send one tweet a month. But the numbers show that maybe the hype is very far off the mark, and we need to question just how engaging Twitter really is. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, social media is not about the tools but the thinking.

Just as with styles of music though, new communication formats seldom disappear entirely. It will be interesting to see where Twitter and microblogging will find it’s balance and becomes appreciated bythe majority of it’s users because it fullfills some special need that other formats don’t.

Here’s the original post at Clickz.

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