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Read: Welcome to the age of micro-planning

Truly worth a read is the article ”Welcome to the age of micro-planning” which you can find on the blog Adliterate. Don’t forget to read the comments which has a couple of nuggets in them. The blog Adliterate is runned by Richard Huntington, Director of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi. Here is a sample from […]

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Small cog hipster trend makes big wheels turning

A micro trend can ignite a macro trend, which is the topic for this article. By now, most of us are aware of theories regarding tipping points, early adopters and chasms. What I am going to bring up is how sometimes a big latent trend can ignite through a fad. My observations are from Sweden. […]

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Effektiva kampanjer – APG Creative Strategy Awards 2011

The shortlist for Account Planning Group (APG) Creative Strategy Awards has been released. It does require login but we still like to provide you with the link so you can see the list and read the summaries. How fresh strategic thinking can lead to creative and effective work. The APG is the foremost and longest-established […]

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