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Three tips for knowing your customer

The most important part of your advertising is not your headline.
The critical part of your offer is not your benefits.
Instead, the most important part of your marketing efforts is about knowing your customer.
This principle is simple in theory, but frustratingly hard to put into practice. Usually I hear marketing managers complain about lack […]

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Best Practices stalls improvement

When an organisation takes a new initiative, i.e. developing a Christmas themed ad campaign, and that initiative works, it would be complete idiocy not to do it again.

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oktober 19, 2010

We are all competing with the Xbox

Not too long ago, if you had something interesting to say or something exotic to show you had a pretty decent chance of actually getting through to most people. And I really mean “most people” as in the majority of your nation or culture. After all, people led fairly predictable lives full of repetetive tasks […]

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