This is a paper based on the TEDx Kiruna Talk I did on the 5th of June 2013. Open innovation and collaborative models of innovation are far more exciting than the dreary and closed R and D departments of various companies. Innovation is truly open to each and everyone and what comes with that is the ability not only to collaborate with strangers to concept and develop but ultimately to open up and share the responsibility from one individual to the entire organization and beyond to lead and share the next stage of evolution.

We are eating our own ideas turning our own industry into creative drain draft that might put us all out of business. The advertising business has a true problem on delivering creativity. We just should be out of business soon. Which we just might be. I have in my career been in meetings pitching ideas, using others peoples ideas , or even ads, to make my sale. This is my confession which I know I share with others. But it has to stop.

Det är stor skillnad på data, information, mening och insikt. Insikt har i flera år varit ett ord som blivit misshandlat rent ut sagt. En sann insikt är sällsynt och väldigt värdefull. Här gestaltar vi vägen den måste ta för att komma dit.


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