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This is a paper based on the TEDx Kiruna Talk I did on the 5th of June 2013. Open innovation and collaborative models of innovation are far more exciting than the dreary and closed R and D departments of various companies. Innovation is truly open to each and everyone and what comes with that is the ability not only to collaborate with strangers to concept and develop but ultimately to open up and share the responsibility from one individual to the entire organization and beyond to lead and share the next stage of evolution.

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Röster om planning i Sverige

Under hösten 09 har vi träffat flera intressanta människor som tyckt och tänkt om planningens utveckling. I denna film får ni se Helena Westin, Clas Collin, Pär Lager och Jonas Broden.

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Johan Florén

Tidigare bl a Infochef Framfab och Ordförande i Amnesty Business Group. Driver idag PR-branschens första planningbyrå SoFlow.

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